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User Interface

RoSys plays very well with NiceGUI and provides additional robot-related components through the rosys.ui package. NiceGUI is a high-level web UI framework on top of JustPy. This means you can write all UI code in Python. The state is automatically reflected in the browser through websockets. RoSys can also be used with other user interfaces or interaction models if required, for example a completely app-based control through Bluetooth LE with Flutter.


To make RoSys UI elements aware of the RoSys runtime you must call rosys.ui.configure:

from nicegui import ui
import rosys
import rosys.ui

runtime = rosys.Runtime()
rosys.ui.configure(ui, runtime)

Afterwards you can use the UI elements provided by RoSys like automation controls, 3d scene, cameras or joystick.