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The world object is the global data class which is constantly updated and changed by actors. To store your own data, we suggest to derive a project-specific world from the one RoSys provides.


The robot's state is stored in world.robot. Besides a shape the object stores configuration parameters like maximum linear/angular speed, minimum_turning_radius and similar. It also has a hardware configuration which will be translated to Lizard commands on startup. There are three Pose objects describing the current position and orientation of the robot:

  1. detection: latest externally referenced detection (obtained by GPS/RTK or cameras)
  2. prediction: building on top of detection this pose is improved by all odometry information accumulated afterwards; this is the pose you normally use to determine where the robot is right now
  3. simulation: the true pose of the robot without any noise (only used in simulation and testing)


Any notification scheduled by actors is stored in world.notifications as a list of two-value tuples. The first value is the timestamp of the notification as float and the second contains the actual message. Most recent messages are at the end of the list.