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Path Following

When following a path, a "carrot" is dragged along a spline and the robot follows it like a donkey. Additionally, there is a virtual "hook" attached to the robot, which is pulled towards the carrot.

There are three parameters:

  • hook_offset: How far from the wheel axis (i.e. the coordinate center of the robot) is the hook, which is pulled towards the carrot.
  • carrot_offset: How far ahead of the carrot is the robot pulled. This parameter is necessary in order to have the hook pulled a bit further, even though the carrot already reached the end of the spline.
  • carrot_distance: How long is the "thread" between hook and carrot (or the offset point ahead of the carrot, respectively).

In the following illustration these points are depicted as spheres: the coordinate center of the robot (blue, small), the hook (blue, large), carrot (orange, small), offset point ahead of the carrot (orange, large).

Navigation Geometry


The automation drive_spline has an optional argument flip_hook. It turns the hook 180 degrees to the back of the robot, while preserving the distance hook_offset to the robot's coordinate center. This allows the robot to drive backwards to a point behind it instead of turning around and approaching it forwards.