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On Your Computer

python3 -m pip install rosys

See Getting Started for what to do next.

Please note that RoSys has been developed for Unix-like systems. While it may partially work on Windows, we do not officially support it.

On The Robot

While the above-mentioned installation command works perfectly well in local environments, on a robot it is often easier to run RoSys inside a Docker container. If you already have a, it can be as simple as running

docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:/app zauberzeug/rosys

from the same directory. See Pushing Code to Robot on how to get your project onto the remote system.

More complex Docker setups benefit from a compose file. There are also some specialties needed to start RoSys in different environments (Mac, Linux, NVidia Jetson, ...). To simplify the usage we suggest to use a script called ./ which you can also copy and adapt in your own project. Have a look at the project examples to see how a setup of your own repository may look like.